What are the Different Types of Trucks for Moving?

Whether you are a homeowner who is planning to relocate to a new home or a business owner who wants to move your business to a new location, knowing your options when it comes to types of trucks you can rent would be a great deal of help.


If you know the right truck to use, you can save yourself some money. Most of the time, truck rental service companies would require a higher amount of bigger trucks rented. Not only that, bigger trucks call for more petrol, therefore, the additional expense you have to pay for. If you are certain your belongings will fit in a smaller truck, then you can save a lot.


Different Types of Moving Trucks:


12 Foot Trucks

A 12 foot truck would be the ideal option if you are just moving in a nearby location since usually, this truck size can handle up to 33 gallons of gas. This is the perfect choice if you are just moving a few pieces of furniture from a small apartment.


16 Foot Trucks

If you have an average sized home with up to four rooms, a 16-foot truck is right for you. However, since most 16 foot trucks can only hold as much gas as the 12-foot trucks, this is only suitable for local relocations.


26 Foot Trucks

A large 26-foot truck is perfect for moving items from a big home with a maximum of eight rooms. Most 26 foot trucks can hold up to 15 pieces of furniture and have the capacity to contain up to 50 gallons of gas.


While trucks are among the best choices for relocation jobs, if you are just moving a few items from a small, studio type apartment, and you are just moving to a fairly near location, you can settle for a pickup. But, if you have a considerable amount of house items (especially heavy furniture), then renting a truck really is what you need.

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