Different Types of Private Buses

If you love being the host for various events, whether it be a getaway for your big family, a company outing, or just an unforgettable night out with your friends, it’s very likely that being organized is one of your top priorities.


And let’s face it, functions and gatherings for a large group of people are NOT easy – especially if it involves traveling; you can’t be certain that you’ll arrive at the destination at the right time, you can’t be quite sure that nobody gets lost on the way.


The good thing is, there are numerous companies that can offer you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with travels with a large number of people. Private buses can be a godsend in ensuring that everything is organized when it comes to transportation of large parties.


What are your options?

Charter bus – One of the leading choices for company outings and functions, a charter bus is capable of accommodating more than 30 people. The most charter bus can even handle up to 60 passengers. A good charter bus should have a bathroom, reclining seats, air conditioning, monitors, and DVD players. Today, there are also charter buses that have Wi-Fi and even power outlets. Usually, a charter bus can be used for traveling to far destinations, some even offer international transit.


Mini-bus – A mini-bus has the capacity of transporting 10 to 30 passengers. This bus type is best used for family gatherings and small excursions. Just like a charter bus, most mini-buses have reclining seats, air conditioning, monitors, Wi-Fi, and DVD players. However, they don’t have restrooms.


Party bus – Sometimes called limo bus or party van, a party bus can transport a number of people for special gatherings. This is a customized bus that is designed for enjoyment. A party bus usually has a sound system, special lights, lounge seats, monitor, and a cooling storage for drinks.

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