Cascadia International is one of the household names when it comes to bus and truck rentals.


What started in 2008 as a small company with just a couple of trucks and buses for hire has now expanded to a bigger name in the truck and bus rental industry.


Cascadia International can handle your needs, whether you require a truck for a relocation task or a private bus for a special event.


We can offer big trucks that are capable of carrying extremely heavy weights, and we can also offer a minibus, a deluxe bus, or even a bigger-sized bus to accommodate a large number of passengers.


All vehicles from Cascadia International are new and in exceptional condition.


Being in the business for around ten years, we, at Cascadia International, have come across almost every possible scenario – not only could we provide you with the vehicles you need, we are also experts in answering all your questions related to truck or bus service rental.


Apart from high-quality vehicles, we can also offer the driving services of our professional truck and bus drivers who can take you to any location within the country. All our drivers are skillful, courteous, and, of course, professional.

Customer satisfaction is our primary aim, so go ahead and make a booking online or via phone.